Changes history

Version 1.081522 - August, 15 2022

  • Add logic to detect active users
  • New view to visualize the current active users
  • Updated view of main page
  • New view to display the used version of Koolreport
  • Update of files in library
  • Added special view for certification

Version 1.073022 - July, 30 2022

  • Fix the toggle bill status button bug in the chart
  • Add a new view for azure login
  • Add in the view a link to azure login
  • Fix the order of fields in the list, edit and add users

Version 1.072522 - July, 25 2022

  • Added a new table "log_toggle_bill_status"
  • Added new log on toggle_bill_status button (superbill)
  • Added a new view for "log_toggle_bill_status" records

Version 1.072322 - July, 23 2022

  • Fixed issue adding tasks PDCA
  • Correction in the treatments field for wound report by type

Version 1.071622 - July, 16 2022

  • Added 2 new custom buttons for new export features
  • Added code on patient_demographics List page
  • New facilities view only for providers type users
  • Correct Clean values in the patient plan section
  • Added new folder on lib folder

Version 1.070922 - July, 09 2022

  • Added custom view "patient_restore_log"
  • Added custom view "view_patient_details"
  • Added custom view "view_encounter_details.
  • Added new project called PDCA as part of omniwound
  • Removed from Menu.php the direct link to patient allergies
  • Added redirect to patient_demographic_list.php on menu.php
  • Modified index.php to get sessions. In the CDA viewer
  • Added new file in the lib folder
  • Update files in the lib folder
  • Increased session expiration time for all projects

Version 1.062522 - June, 25 2022

  • New link to Skin Graft project
  • New column on provider encounter view for skin graft access
  • Added new project called Skin Graft as part of omniwound

Version 1.061122 - June, 11 2022

  • Added a new SQL function on the "snomed" database
  • Renamed query from SQL view "allergies_search_json"
  • Moved one line of code outside of condition on "nursinghome_patient"

Version 1.060722 - June, 07 2022

  • Added flag "toggle_bill_status" on admin_users Add/Edit pages
  • Organized Checkbox on admin_users Add/Edit pages using sections
  • Added new condition to allow any user with "toggle_bill_status" flag, use the
  • toggle bill status button on every super_bill List Page After record processed
  • Now when importing data from PCC, the encounter is automatically saved

Version 1.060422 - June, 04 2022

  • Added multi-organization support
  • Fixed bug with PCC patient without PCC ID
  • Added PCC patient edit support (Sync patient)
  • Changed PointClickCare link to new URL
  • Added organization column in PCC profile view
  • Modified PHPRunner internal oauth file to catch PCC organization
  • Fixed issue on Procedures (refresh button wasn't working) on each Patient Chart
  • Fixed issue on unlocked_encounter view (ICD10 and superbill wasn't being saved)
  • Added new PCC organizations menu
  • Changed multiple PCC words for PointClickCare
  • Added auto-sync when patients are updated
  • Update in the files of the lib folder

Version 1.052822 - May, 28 2022

  • Added allergies search to JS event on every patient chart
  • Fixed typo on PointClickCare Conditions view
  • Added active conditions on PointClickCare Resolved Conditions view
  • Update in a file in the lib folder for the monthly flow Sheet

Version 1.051422 - May, 14 2022

  • Removed feature to make wounds inactive after wound was resolved
  • Hide the custom "History" button in the Medication
  • Update of the signed encounter file in the lib folder

Version 1.040822 - April, 08 2022

  • Modified Menu Item (show "Patient Demographics" item to users with "demographics" flag)
  • Modified Welcome Page (show "Patient Demographics" item to users with "demographics" flag)
  • Modified patient_demographic list view (validation for not admin users / demographics flag users)
  • Added new "patient_demographic_provider" button (this let's edit the unit and room# to providers and scribe users)
  • Added validation code for new button on each encounter chart before display event
  • Added new line to fix bug when user adds a new wound, then add a new icd10 code
  • Modified "refresh_wounds" custom button
  • Modified "refresh_woundprocedures" button to receive the params
  • Added send params (encounter_id and patient_id) in procedures_edit before display
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.040522 - April, 05 2022

  • Fixing visual glitch on quick Patient Add / Edit
  • New section for exporting facility information
  • Added Link to the facility export section located in wound report
  • Modified in the file located in the lib folder

Version 1.040122 - April, 01 2022

  • Added new view to see encounter log records
  • Added custom button to encounter_log view (see encounter log)
  • Added a new custom view to display everything related to the encounter_log stored data
  • Added a new custom view for "snomed_tabacco_search" (smoking status)
  • Added new view has been added to see the records of patients whose name or dob has been changed
  • Modified merge patients view (add in popup and some other view improvements)
  • Modified merge patients before add event (code improved + added suggested code)
  • Add the code to store the changes made in the schedule facility section
  • Modified section options for amendments
  • Removed Edit patient demographics on each encounter chart
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.031922 - March, 19 2022

  • Redirect to middleware when a signed pdf is deleted
  • Add two new options in Patient Plant
  • Add button to delete a signed pdf
  • Add custom button to inactivate a Facility
  • Add custom button to activate a Facility
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.031022 - March, 10 2022

  • Removed all the code related to the most recent bill update logic
  • Added new download column with new download button to the patient_demographic view
  • Added new Family Members section (linked to patient)
  • Log view for CCDA export (can download the generated file)
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.022622 - February, 26 2022

  • Fixed error on "New Delete" schedules button
  • Restriction for the change of visit type
  • Remove PointClickCare access items
  • Modified lock encounter logic on Process record values to lock dynamically
  • Add notification before a visit type change
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.021422 - February, 14 2022

  • Added Upload to PointClickCare button
  • Added logic to filter non-allowed to upload users
  • Include report menu for Scribe users
  • Azure Login Integration
  • Added new code to the Add Page for Physician_E&M_Level to void bill if user
  • selects "NONE" as code
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.020922 - February, 09 2022

  • Cleanup with the fields to add a user
  • Correction in the reminders section
  • Updated flow to hide all external links
  • All external links item IDs has been updated
  • Updated changepwd redirect to avoid redirecting azure users
  • Updated code to hide all external link to non-provider or non-admin users

Version 1.012922 - Junary, 29 2022

  • Only Admin is allow to do the C-CDA export
  • Updated item id for PCC dashboard button to "pcc_dashboard"
  • New Flowsheet Sort By Room#
  • Added a verification to check PCC logged users
  • Added PCC login page redirect when user is not logged, and a swal message
  • Added code to create automatically a progress note every time a document is sent
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.120921 - December, 09 2021

  • Change in Monthly FlowSheet: "Type / Stage" Field

Version 1.120221 - December, 02 2021

  • Added log line to: CPT4 code view
  • Added log line to: Physician E&M
  • Added log line to: signed_super_bill
  • Added log line to: super_bill_wizard
  • Added new Super bill log view.
  • Update in the files located in the lib folder

Version 1.112621 - November, 26 2021

  • Correction of the bug in ICD10 codes
  • Telemedicine-providers old telemedicine-mips
  • Correction of new sections and access links