Quality Policy


OmniEMR’s purpose is to provide wound-care providers a specialized program that allows them to input patient information that is customized to their needs/satisfaction. In order to improve services and maintain their quality, we believe that it is crucial to communicate with management, customers, and employees to work together to reach the goal together. Through the implementation of the Quality Management System within OmniEMR, it will strive to continually satisfy our customers 100% to meet their requirements.

It is the policy of OmniEMR to:

Provide products and services that meet customer requirements and expectations that are constantly being improved through the documented quality management system of the company and establishment of measurable quality objectives during reviews.

Top management and employees are responsible to abide by the quality policy through the Quality Management System to improve quality services to satisfy customers. OmniEMR is committed to achieve customer satisfaction by following the Quality Management System which will be operated by the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle layout.

OmniEMR’s quality policy is defined and strongly driven by:

  • Establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers, supporting their successes, and ensuring effective communication to fulfill their requirements
  • Seeking continual improvement through the examination of usability reports, data from helpdesk services, customer surveys, and the PDCA layout
  • Maintaining strong management and competency of employees through effective communication, outlining job responsibilities, and assessing expected skills needed for positions periodically